Crossway Ministry Institute


Equipping the next generation to make disciples of Jesus everywhere.

CrossWay Ministry Institute is a Bachelor’s Degree
program offered at CrossWay Church in partnership with
Crown College, a Christian college in Minnesota. Students who successfully complete the program will earn a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry. We do this in partnership with Crown College which is a nationally-accredited college with a long history.


Why is CrossWay doing this?

The mission of CrossWay Church is Making Disciples of Jesus Everywhere. This is the DNA of CrossWay.

• CrossWay has adopted 3 strategies to accomplish this mission.

• CrossWay Ministry Institute aligns with the strategy “Equipping people in authentic relational community”.

• Equipping the next generation in ministry is fundamental to our mission and strategies.

Why would I choose CMI?

• Reduced costs, by agreement with Crown College.

• Students will be embedded in ministries of their calling, gifting, and/or choosing.

• Students will gain practical ministry experience for credit. This degreed-program provides authentic field experience.

Which ministries can I be embedded into?
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Student/Youth Ministry
  • Preaching/Leadership
  • Adult Grow Discipleship
  • Worship Arts & Creative Technology
  • Community Ministry
  • World Missions
  • Care Ministry
  • Operations
Is this a regular college degree?

• Yes. Bachelor of Science – Christian Ministry and Bachelor of Science – Biblical Studies

• Certified, accredited Crown College degree.

Can I transfer credits from somewhere else?

Yes, subject to Crown College policy.

Is this an online and/or traditional classroom program?

This degree will include both online and in-person classes. In-person classes will take place at CrossWay Church.

Will I be able to apply for financial aid in this program?

Yes, through Crown College.

Learn More About CMI?

Contact Paul Sanders, CMI Coordinator below or at with questions and to be placed
on a list for updates and details on enrollment, etc.

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