Summer fun is not cancelled! This summer at CrossWay Church we are so excited to connect with your children and help them grow and experience God’s love. Each month we will offer different camps available in a Zoom interactive format. All camps are free and led by our KidVenture Team.

All camps are open to kids in grades K-5. You can register your child and invite their friends. Just click on the camp title below that you are interested in to begin! You will receive the zoom link and a list of materials (easily found around the house) after you complete the registration. Please contact Sue Edington, KidVenture Director, with any questions. 


Kitchen Kapers: Ready, Set, Eat! (Breakfast) / Tues June 2 / 9:30-10:15am  Aprons on, everybody! In this camp kids will learn to make breakfast recipes that will be ready to eat before you know it!

Kitchen Kapers: Top Chefs / Tues June 2 / 6:30-7:15pm  Does the thought of making & eating your own culinary masterpieces thrill you? Then join us and begin mixing, baking, and tasting fabulous food that you created!

Cookie Creations / Tues June 9 / 12:30-1:15pm  Cookies, frosting, sprinkles and more! Join the fun as you learn to create amazing cookies!

Art Factory: Canvas Painting / Tues June 9 / 1:30-2:15pm Love to paint? Put brush to canvas and experience the amazing world of acrylic art. You will make a masterpiece worthy of your bedroom wall!

Kitchen Kapers: Ready, Set, Eat! (Dinner) / Tues June 9 / 5:00-5:45pm Aprons on, everybody! In this camp kids will learn to make dinner recipes that will be ready to eat in no time.

Madcap Puppets / Tues June 16 / 12:30-1:15pm  Bring a puppet to life! Learn to make it talk, move, and show expression. You’ll even learn how to make your own sock puppet!

Kitchen Kapers: Healthy Cooking / Tues June 16 / 5:00-5:45pm You will be introduced to a variety of cooking techniques and skills as you create delicious and nutritious fun food. Healthy food never tasted so good!

Family Fitness Frenzy / Tues June 23 / 1:00-1:30pm Take a break and get moving! You and your family will compete in fun challenges that include running, jumping, speed and more!

Cupcake Art / Tues June 16 / 6:30-7:15pm  Make fun cupcakes for your family! Learn several unique designs using frosting, candies, and sprinkles.

Puppy Love / Tues June 23 / 2:00-2:45pm Are you ready to pamper your pup? This camp will give you the opportunity to make some yummy treats for your dog.

Weird Science: Let’s Get Messy! / Tues June 23 / 6:30-7:15pm If it is slimy or sticky, we will be making it! Experience the amazing reactions science has to offer us, thanks to God’s creative design.