Jesus gave us one directive when he left the earth - to go and make disciples. The all new Grow Ministry will equip men and women at CrossWay to see that discipleship is a way of life. All around us, every day, there are opportunities to proclaim the greatness of God through actions and words. Discipleship is viewing every second of life, every relationship, as an opportunity to help people come into contact with the living God. The new ministry distinctive will build a culture where the idea of discipleship is not something you DO, it is something you ARE. It is all about equipping men and women to see their whole life - all 360° - both inside and outside of the church, as an opportunity to love others and love God.



Journey Groups are the perfect place to meet people at CrossWay while learning more about the calling Jesus has for us in discipling others. Split into Men’s and Women’s groups, the time together will focus on the uniqueness of how God made us and how we can grow to be more like the Lord.

These large groups will meet every other month, with the off-month offering an activity for everyone involved. Journey Groups truly are a great place to connect with other men and women of CrossWay. 


Build Groups are designed to help equip you to accomplish the command Jesus gave us to “go and make disciples.” These 6-week-long groups have a variety of topics to help you on the journey of discipleship. No matter the topic, you will always walk away understanding how what you just learned will help you connect others to Jesus.

Build Groups have a specific curriculum which is rotated throughout the year. By completing the Group Assessment , you will be guided to the groups that are a perfect fit for where you are on your spiritual journey. See Groups page for more information.


Grow Groups are the heart and soul of discipleship ministry. This is the place to meet with a consistent group of people in community, study, and care for each other. Grow Groups are built around the model seen in Acts 2 where the early church met in homes, worshiped God, and cared for each others’ needs. Because we are all in different places in life, it is important to offer many different types of Grow Groups. These include affinity groups (groups that meet together based on similar desire, gender, or phase of life) and mosaic groups (varied ages and gender).

One of the unique aspects of Grow Groups is that the majority of them will utilize CrossWay’s customized, sermon-based curriculum. Each week group members will be able to hear a sermon, and then dig further into the topic with Bible study and discussion with the group. See Groups page for more information.



55 years and older

Join with other seniors at CrossWay for a time of community and encouragement while diving into Scripture. This is a wonderful time of studying God's Word with others who are in the same phase of life. The Bible study meets weekly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm.

The Snappy Seniors also have a wonderful time of community with a luncheon on the second Thursday of each month. This time is for making friends, establishing relationships with people of similar needs, sharing burdens, and having Christ-centered fellowship.

For more information about Snappy Seniors, contact Pastor Jim & Jan Hovorka.